Obama Birthplace Controversy

Trump Hiding the Biggest Secret: Obama’s Hidden Biography. If it Hits, Holy Hell Will Break Loose Worldwide (Video)

Trump Hiding The Biggest Secret: Obama’s Hidden Biography. If It Hits, Holy Hell Will Breaks Loose Worldwide (Video) Ugly fool Kate Bolduan of the lying media says: Kate Bolduan Referees a HEATED Debate, “Trump Is the LEAST Transparent President in Our History” From hiding the White House Visitor logs to

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Who Is Obama? Antichrist's Real Name: Barry Parks, Son Of Jim T. Parks, Assassinated By KKK In Kansas (Video)

White Trash?

Trump Hiding the Biggest Secret: Obama's Hidden Biography. If it Hits, Holy Hell Will Break Loose Worldwide (Video)

This Is Very Big Story. Antifa Violent Punk Identified. College Prof Used BikeLock Hit People Including Head (Video)

CIA leaker not russians exposed top secret documents to Wikileaks, CIA and FBI conducting a joint investigation, Looking for insider CIA employee or contractor

FBI Hired Steele While He Worked for Clinton?

Breaking! Shattering! Obama Not Kenyan Born! Born In Topeka, Kansas, Same Place As Mother’s Birthplace!!!! (Video)

North Korea Will Bomb South Korea If Trump Goes After Them. Have We Reached Bible's Nuclear Apocalypse Now? (Video)

Jeff Varner outs transgender Survivor player as dishonest, LGBT weasels aka brownshirts aka thought police attack Varner, Tyler Redhead & McAlister real estate fires Jeff, Boycott firm

Happy Easter and Blessed Passover

March 2017 employment data reveals 472k more employed, Unemployed dropped 326k, Unemployment rate dropped .2%, Employed to population ratio up .1%, White employment up 440k and 98k jobs added, Labor Dept. using new math?

Gallup poll 62 percent of Americans believe media favors Democrats, 27% media unbiased, 51 percent believed bias in 2003, 55 percent believe media “often inaccurate”

Obama presidency worst economic growth since World War II, 4th worst in history, Failed economic policies, 95 million without work, $20 trillion debt, More Americans on food stamps than ever before

270+ illegal aliens from India to be deported, Estimated half million in US, Trump effort to deport illegals with criminal backgrounds, Zero Hedge explains problems in India, “Trump isn’t all that wrong”

Are U.S. jobs vulnerable to workers with H-1B visas?, CBS 60 minutes March 19, 2017, Loophole allows American companies to fill gaps in the workforce from overseas with highly skilled employees

Sean Hannity speaks out on Republican healthcare proposal, “I’m really annoyed about it”, “We don’t want it rammed through.”, Mr. Trump listen to Hannity

White American employment (2/3 of labor force) up 429k in Feb, 912k more Americans back in labor force in Jan Feb, 235k jobs added in Feb, Manufacturing and Construction workers soar

NC illegal alien beheads mother, Franklin County close to Durham where police just announced suspension of traffic checkpoints over concerns of role of local law enforcement officers in federal immigration enforcement, Greensboro still sanctioning fake ID cards from Faith Action?

William Binney exposes NBC News fake news lie, Whistleblower and architect of NSA surveillance program, I think the president is absolutely right. His phone calls everything he did electronically was being monitored

Citizen Wells time to open up Obama records place of birth investigation by Justice Dept., NBC fake news and lies continue about Trump, I challenge NBC or other fake news sites to prove US birth, NO certified original copy of Obama birth certificate presented

Another Book About Obama

:Donald Trump – Obama Birth Certificate – Greatest Scam. Trump Is TV Star: Not President. Knows No Politics (Video)

Susan Rice Heads to Jail. New Damning Evidence Leads To Obamas Fall. He's Clueless Most Corrupt POTUS Ever (Video)

Crushing Proof Is Emerging! Syria Gas Attack Was A Setup: Three Top US Officals. People Are Choosing Sides. (Video)

Now They’re Saying Trump Is Jewish…Goodbye Obama! Liar Fraud! Worst President Ever! (Video) Obama And Trump Crap

None Of You Get It! Trump Faced Media With Their Lies About Assad/Russia. Trump's Laughing Right Now (Video)

Obama Can Face Prison. Grandmother Comes Forth With Stunning Accusation Of Murky Obama Childhood Fraud (Video)

Zero Evidence Proving Syria Behind Chemical Attack Cheerleading US Aggression - Attack Aids US Terrorists (Video)

Trump Tomahawk Chops Assad

Undeniable Proof Chemical Attack In Syria Was Staged By Jihadists Working For Saudi, Qataris, (CIA?) Wow!